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With 4 years of redefining interior decor and living, we have set new benchmarks that we’re proud of
MAXFLY INTERNATIONAL is the leading porcelain tile manufacturer in India, located in Morbi.

Providing the most sophisticated porcelain tile solutions with state of the art technology, expertise and innovation, we’ve become a renowned name in the Indian tile industry. With a passion for research and experimentation, rising up to the changing customer needs, styles, architecture and keeping the environment and sustainability at the top of our priority list, MAXFLY INTERNATIONAL has grown into the largest hub for tile manufacturing and built a legacy.

Our comprehensive range of porcelain tiles has been used for interior design demands across the world in homes, commercial spaces, hotels, universities, leisure facilities and more. We’re continuously catering to changing customer needs; simplifying living and styling spaces with high-quality products. At MAXFLY INTERNATIONAL, we believe tiles are much more than a more statement of functionality. Every step of the way, from material procurement to final testing, everything is subject to strict quality control so the end result is delight and satisfaction among architects, designers, dealers, contractors and customers.


Deliver high quality and latest updated Design to customer. Customer Satisfaction with quality and service is our main motto.


Maxfly International are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, making them a long-lasting choice for wall coverings.

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The extended experience of the ceramic industry of the group, Maxfly International takes responsibility to be up to date with the market advancements by employing the right resources.


While the current production utilization is 10800 m2 ultra-tech vitrified tiles per day giving us ample capacity to meet with bulk-size orders from our clientele and expansion capacity.

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Innovative marketing and excellent customer care optomise our Global Mindset. We adopt global best standards and practices as our core competecies.

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Integrity & Leadership

Courage & Empathy


Team Spirit & Accountability

Innovation & Quality Consciousness

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